Welcome to Ottsjö Wärdshus!

With us, every guest is a friend, and every moment is an experience that we gladly share.

With rustic charm and a magnificent view of mountains and lakes, Ottsjö is not just a place to visit but a village that will make you want to stay.

The inn welcomes you with an atmosphere of genuine warmth and care. The cozy rooms are decorated with inspiration from nature, offering a sanctuary of peace and relaxation.


Visit Ottsjö

In Ottsjö, you reside in the secure valley nestled between the mountains. Here, adventure awaits right outside your door, all with a panoramic view for miles. The activities are numerous, and depending on the season, you can choose among options such as:

  • dog sledding
  • cross-country skiing
  • backcountry skiing
  • flatbread baking
  • ice skating
  • ice fishing
  • hiking
  • trail running
  • fishing
  • mountain biking
  • yoga
  • strongman training
  • outdoor dining



The northen light

On a clear winter night, Ottsjö is the perfect place for northern light exploring. Should the conditions not be right, there's still much enjoyment in a clear starry sky as your ceiling while you relax in one of our hot tubs.

Ottsjö Wärdshus
Wärdshusvägen 8
830 10 Undersåker

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Tel: +46 703349697

På Ottsjö Wärdshus sitter vi sällan still. Med fördel så kontaktar du oss via mailen eller sms så lovar vi att kontakta dig så snart vi är vid datorn.

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